Connecting you when everything is at stake

When business productivity is at stake, the lifeblood of the company is on the line. Hybrid X can be connected to a smart phone and increases a company’s competitiveness by enhancing communications in demanding environments. It can provide a data-secure, real-time connection to various communication channels, record vital data, and effectively manage a company’s operations.

Dialogue that supports productivity

Communications can be challenging if a company’s business operations are spread over a wide area. The communications connection must be data-secure and reliable, regardless of the users’ location.

Hybrid X connects to smart phones and enables real-time and reliable communications, even in demanding environments. The shortcut video function is just one of the features a company can take advantage of to manage time wisely and thereby increase productivity.

High-quality communications not only improve a company’s operations, but also the quality of customer service. These are the things that contribute to making business more profitable and competitive overall.


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Who is Hybrid X for?

  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Travel
  • Events
  • Security
  • And other industries where communications play a key role

Superior features

Communications center

Hybrid X connects to your smart phone, combines a wide range of different communication functions, and makes it possible to use the phone to communicate on official networks.


Hybrid X’s robust design makes it reliable and durable in challenging environments. The device’s buttons are clear and designed so they can be used with gloves.


Hybrid X can combine the functions of a PMR portable radio and a smart phone in the same terminal device. The Push-to-talk function, emergency messaging and group-specific messaging are easy to manage using Hybrid X.

Video recording

Hybrid X’s video recording function enhances operational management and helps provide an overview of the situation. Video recording can be started using the remote control or a shortcut button without holding the phone. The recorded material can be automatically saved on the organization's server.

Camera function

Hybrid X makes it easy to take pictures even while wearing gloves. Pictures are stored data-securely on a server and can be used by the operational situation manager in real time.

Strong audio

Hybrid X’s messaging features also include an earpiece and monophone function, high-quality, powerful speaker, and effective background noise cancelling. Together these increase the quality of dialogue and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.

Data storage

Hybrid X sends messages data securely to a server in real time. Data storage improves later analysis of the communications and increases opportunities for operational development.

Changing operating environments and fiercer competition

Digitization means companies are facing new challenges, as expectations for a rapid response increase as the environment changes. Hybrid X connects to smart phones and takes company communications to a whole new level. When communications are guaranteed in all circumstances, and data can be stored data-securely in real time, the company’s opportunities to develop its own business improve.

One of Hybrid X’s most useful features is its video recording function. Video recording contributes to the formation of a high-quality, comprehensive overview of an operational situation, and transfers decision-making responsibility from the field to management. When operations are managed effectively, field personnel can concentrate on dealing with the situation as efficiently and safely as possible at an operational level.


Book a presentation and we will tell you more about the benefits Hybrid X can offer your organization