A modular device for LTE phones designed and patented in Finland.

The design focuses on usability and genuine customer needs.

An eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution.

The Hybrid X Module

Physical buttons

Can be connected to almost any phone

Can be used while wearing gloves

IP 67

X protective case

Mechanical protective case for phones

Embedded phone buttons

Easy-to-use fingerprint sensor

Extends the phone’s life span

Better phone grip

A combination of superior technical properties

PTT x 2

Emergency button

Powerful audio

DSP and AGC configurable

LED indicator for various functions

Multi-purpose connection interfaces

Can be connected to a TETRA/PMR phone

HX Android phone app

Open API for connecting apps to LTE phones

Allows the use of apps with Hybrid X

Smart Holder

Optimal location for the phone

Phone automatically locks into the holder

Charging connector

Multipurpose data connections

Increases safety and productivity


When safety or lives are at stake, every second counts, and you can’t afford to be let down by poor communications. Hybrid X can be connected to smart phones and works best in demanding environments. It provides a data-secure, real-time connection to various communication channels and collects a wide range of data from the environment, including via remote-control.

Professional, turnkey delivery

Hybrid X’s smart modular structure means it can be connected to almost any phone model. The user is free to choose the smart phone that best suits their operating environment and needs. The device is extremely easy to start using, as Hybrid X’s specialists take care of all the deployment details.


When business productivity is at stake, the lifeblood of the company is on the line. Hybrid X can be connected to a smart phone and increases a company’s competitiveness by enhancing communications in demanding environments. It can provide a data-secure, real-time connection to various communication channels, record vital data, and effectively manage a company’s operations.

An eco-friendly, cost-efficient investment

Hybrid X is made to last and adapt to the conditions it is used in. Extending the phone’s lifetime significantly reduces CO2 emissions. We want to do our part in development by offering the ecologically sustainable and cost-efficient Hybrid X solution. We extend the phone’s lifetime and make investment more cost-efficient. The Hybrid X solution serves its user long after its purchase costs have been covered.

Unbeatable in demanding communications